Monday, 3 March 2014

Coffee With ~StarDust~

So let's just start this off by introducing " StarDust " my secondlife sister who I've known for a long time.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this but she drinks her coffee through a straw how bizarre.  She insisted on picking the location for this blog, and she even had the nerve to insist on taking the above picture for this blog well I guess I did promise her a feature in one of my blogs, but hey I have to draw the line somewhere about being the photographer seeing as this is my blog but as always in her mind she feels like she is the better photographer so I relented and let her take the snapshot. Sisters lol can't live with em can't............errr anyways.... so we went to the cheeky tiramisu cafe & forest sat down and had coffee, and began chatting about weddings, relationships....and yes even men. I have transcribed some of our conversation featured below for you all to read it I had to censor her language and correct her grammar because English isn't her first language lol sure does make for some interesting reading though so I hope you all enjoy!!...

Me: I still think that orange is the worst color you could pick for a wedding I am not gonna wear it!

StarDust: You won't look (censored) bad in an orange suit for (censored) sake just (censored) try a demo.

Me: Trust me sis I already have tried different colors before lol I am so not going there!!!

Me: Besides remember dumb, and dumber remember the orange suit that Jim Carey wore?

StarDust: That movie was (censored) hilarious (censored) I have to watch it again sometime.

Me: Lol yeah it was pretty funny haven't seen it in years, but the point I am making no orange suits!

StarDust: Ok ok I get it no orange suits chill.... chill man (censored).

Me: Nice place here huh..

StarDust: Oh mah gahhh!

Me: Whaaa? 

StarDust: I just saw a couple doing you know what over there...

Me: Doing what?

StarDust: You had to ask me that didn't you (censored)

Me: Well what were they doing?

StarDust: You are so (censored) slow sometimes I swear.

StarDust: They were (censored) in the snow ok?

Me: I don't see anyone let me bring up minimap.

StarDust: See the (censored) dots?

Me: Yeah...

StarDust: Ok well just don't zoom to the bridge over there

Me: Bwahahahahah that is too funny they must be getting pretty cold!

Needless to say the rest of the conversation consisted of StarDust running down men and saying how much better women are at everything lol apart from the surprise couple in the snow we had a pretty good talk about everything and anything thanks for the coffee sis hope you all had a good laugh until next time! ;)

What I decided to wear today:
Hair: Action Hair - James - Mocha
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy - Shade 3
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky - London Fog - W3
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands - Relaxed - M
Shirt: Kal Rau - Polo Shirt - Size 3

What StarDust is wearing:
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Selene - Chocolate
Skin: The Skinnery - Runa - Toffee 
Eyes: The Skinnery - Lovers Eye - Jade
Hands: Slink Female Mesh Hands  - Relaxed - S
Dress: Tres Blah - Frilly Dress - Polka Dot - S

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