Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sibling Randomness!

Another crazy day with sis, and just to explain the expression on stardust's face in the above picture. I mentioned to her that behind us were some pretty dark clouds, and that a giant shit storm was about to fall on top of us bwahahaha.......soon after the picture was taken she took off running knocking over several avatars in her wake!

We made a lucky escape from the giant storm and headed back to stardust's house pictured above (her furniture is way too oversized)......................And we discussed relationships, marriage, babies.....and whether Christopher Robin from winnie the pooh was gay in denial. Overall it was a pretty good conversation, except for the uhm winnie the pooh part of course! 

Location Picture #1: A fence, A field, and some really dark clouds in the middle of nowhere!

Location Picture #2: Stardust's very big house with very too big furniture......!


  1. Babies?!?!!? Oh my goodness we haven't been married a week and she wants to be an Auntie already?

  2. What can I say dear. I think we're in demand lol!!! x