Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Out Of Countenance

Taking a walk through the misty afterglow,
Seeking all the answers I needed to know.
Love is sometimes too much to bear.
When I wake alone, and you're not there
To comfort, and hold through the long winter dreams
To show what my love really means,
For I am the one who gave you his heart,
And you gave me yours from the start
We each made a promise never to part.
As I walk through the misty afterglow
All the answers become clear,
Even though we're far apart 
Your loves always here.

What I decided to throw on at the last minute:
Hair: Action - James - Mocha - R
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3) 
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Jacket: [Valiant] Radial Jacket  - M Khaki Tee
Jeans: [ JP ]:dsg. Manoa JNS. // denim // MALE-M 

Location: Imaginaria

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Stormy Seas Of 1805

Once upon a time on stormy seas a commander so brave came to be leader of men so gallant and true, but these are just fairy tales to me and you. Twas the year of 1805 when commander hornblower the bravest man alive commanding in the british royal navy it seems was alone in cabin quarters with a brand new plan, and albeit scheme. Taking on Napoleon's mighty fleet was no easy task just what would it take he would quietly ask...


Ready the cannons men here they come the mighty French, and with the beating of a drum. Upon the stormy seas with thunder and rain commander hornblower started to wonder if they'd ever see home again. Fire all canons both sides men, we must defeat the French fleet if we're to sail home again.....the crashing of the waves against the ship, the rumbling of the canon fire....victory was commander hornblowers one desire. A white flag is shown the French have lost, all ships are sunk such a great loss. A well deserved victory for hornblowers men a loud roar of cheering ensued as commander hornblower watched on he became greatly amused. A silence came over these brave battle weary men as they resumed their duties setting sail for home again. Commander hornblower returning to england was greatly received by the king and the queen as the greatest living hero there had ever been. and in so closing this short story which you may wonder whether it is made up or true, well that depends on your point of view. A commander with such gallantry may have existed long ago.....unless we could go back we'll never know, and in so doing would it really be accurate and true, because after all these are just fairy tales to me and you........

What I decided to wear:
Hair: *Coma* Varsity Hair - Brown 4 
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3)
Costume: British Naval Commander Uniform - Avatar Bizarre

Location: Lover's Delight

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It's Time For Some Music

 It's official I am a dork, and this collection of songs off my greatest hits album proves it...........roflmao!

Whatever's Written In Your Heart

Tonights blog has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. I'd like to start off by saying that some people search a lifetime for their soulmate that one special person who they can spend the rest of their lives with. I was fortunate enough to find the love of my life in the most halcyon of settings at baja norte beach, and it took getting past nerves to pluck up the courage to say hello. I never thought in my wildest dreams could I ever fall in love with someone so wonderful as she is. She's the one who can make all the pieces of my world fit together, and she's the one who can make the lambent stars shine all the more brighter and her name is " Phire "

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day

I would like to start off this illustrious blog by saying I hope everyone enjoyed this years valentines day as much as I did. I spent the evening with a very special lady who as mentioned in my previous blog......my valentines day started off as something out of a fairy tale novel. I arrived at my loves home to pick her up as we were to attend a ball earlier which I must say we both thoroughly enjoyed. After the ball it was time to wine, and dine my love. I took her to a place called " Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant " which you can easily locate by searching within the second life viewer. The atmosphere was quite nice....but it was decided that we would both not drink any alcohol. I was driving, and I think it's hard enough to control an SL car sober can you imagine me trying to control it wasted? lol anyway after we left the restaurant we walked to Paris.....yes you heard me right we actually walked from an American restaurant all the way to Paris, and not only do we walk to Paris but this was Paris set in 1900.....we have skills we can walk from America to Paris and time travel at the same time. I think I should move onto the fashion portion of this blog before it gets too funny.......

I was a little stressed when I received the news I was being invited to a ball.....I literally didn't own a suit until mere hours ago...in any case I did some serious searching. I tried on several demo's, and clearly my search was getting me nowhere until purely by chance. I happened upon a store called " Kauna " and at first glance on the marketplace even in a small thumbnail I could make out several high details so I decided to pay them a visit in world. I headed down and tried on the demo of the classic tuxedo in black, and after trying on the demo. I was hooked completely totally hooked this suit has unbelievably high detailed textures the tuxedo also has two options in the jacket for both open, and closed look...also the white shirt underneath gives you the option of having either white buttons or black...as you can see in the pictures above I chose the black button option....add ons for the tuxedo can be purchased separately. I figured that since the main theme for the masquerade ball was red I needed to add a touch of red to this fine suit so I looked around and noticed that they had a crimson set consisting of a crimson bow tie, a crimson cummerbund, and handkerchief the thing I liked also about the handkerchief is that it comes with two options for using it with both the open version of the jacket, and the closed version. The shoes I chose are also from kauna, and are called brogues and they fit like a glove. I really didn't have to do any adjusting of these shoes they fit perfectly right out of the box so with saying that. I suggest, and highly recommend if you need a suit for any formal occasion albeit weddings or a formal dinner date head down to kauna, and pick up a suit they're the finest I have seen on SL so far!

Picture Credits: 
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3)
Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Jacket: Kauna - Tuxedo Jacket: Black [CLOSED] (M)
Shirt: Kauna - Tuxedo Shirt UNDER: White (M)
Pants: Kauna - Tuxedo Trousers [LONG]: Black (M)
Bow Tie: Kauna - Tuxedo BowTie: Crimson (M)
Cummerbund: Kauna - Tuxedo Cummerbund: Crimson (M)
Handkerchief: Kauna - Tuxedo Handkerchief: Crimson [CLOSED] (M)
Shoes: Kauna - Brogue: Black 
Socks: Socks - Black

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Into Another World

Earlier today I want on a very special date to the beach with the most beautiful woman in second life who's name I shall not reveal, but she knows who she is. I had a lot of fun and I hope she did too.......it got me thinking though falling in love with someone happens when you least expect it. I liken love to being transported into another world, another universe.....after my special lady went to bed. I found myself wandering the various sims of second life. I happened upon one particular sim called " hazardous "!

This sim starts off on a rather bleak checker tiled platform surrounded by dark clouds and you have the option of clicking two black and white tiles to be transported into another world. I loved the landscape it blends beautifully into a combination of barren and empty lifeless tree's almost desert like with the odd patch of grass, and then I found myself on the edge of what I would call a ravine the scenery down there was breathtaking. I could have probably spent hours there, but alas I had a blog to finish.....they don't write themselves :P....I recommend this sim for it's brilliant mix of scenery. I can see a lot of photographic opportunities for just about any occasion worth a visit more than once! 

What fell out of my wardrobe, and landed on me:
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Shirt: Simple Unbuttoned Shirt (M) - Black - Apple May Designs
Pants: (M-Size) Tube Jeans -Navy - REDGRAVE
Shoes: Python Boot II  - By Rainmind - Sneaker Lab
Necklace: KOSH - Unisex - ADAIN NECKLACE [silver] - male

Location: Hazardous 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Man About Town

Taking a stroll down mayfair today, and since I was the only one there it was the perfect opportunity to take some snapshots. I really like the overall layout of the sim it's very upmarket and certainly gives you a real sense of being in central London........and fashion wise for women particularly you have a lot of options from Mon Tissu to Celoe (both their main stores are located on this sim). I had a quick browse, and I have to say both stores are stunningly decorated the detail is second to none and  if you're a woman who can't get enough of the second life fashion, then I am absolutely certain you won't be disappointed both Mon Tissu, and Celoe have a wide range of fashion clothing, and accessories to suit just about every woman's taste. I highly recommend you pay them a visit in the near future if you haven't already, and pick up something new...

I found myself wandering around just getting a feel for the sim again I can't say enough about attention to detail the roads are beautifully textures as are the street lamps. I was again blown away by the fact that they even have the red telephone boxes.....I have compared it to the real mayfair when I last visited, and from what I can see compared to the real mayfair it's pretty close...........pay a visit whenever you can it's got a great atmosphere and there is a park area where you can sit and gather your thoughts. Enjoy! :)

What fell out of my wardrobe, and landed on me:
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Jacket: [ h ] Leather Jacket - Mesh - Size M - Brown - Hoorenbeek
Shirt: [ h ] Shirt for Jacket - Mesh - Black - LowRise - S - Hoorenbeek
Pants: [ h ] Classic Jeans - Mesh - M - Ocean - LowRise - W/belt - Hoorenbeek
Shoes: [ h ] Chelsea - Men - Used Beige - Short - Left - Hoorenbeek

Location: Mayfair

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Every Picture Tells A Story

Faded photographs all tattered and torn 
Are all that remains of the man once born
To love you and give you his heart
His soul for you to keep each and every part
Faded photographs all tattered and torn 
are all that remains of the man once born
His life he lived for you living every moment under your spell
He was the one who made heaven from your own personal hell
His love remains undying to this very day 
His promise is kept to love you strong
Loving you forever long after the pictures have faded and torn.

The Waters Edge ~ Selfie!

It has been a long day, and I felt it was time to reflect. So I packed up my beach towel and headed for baja norte. I feel that sometimes when life gets too complicated all you really need is a good soak to wash away some of that excess stress that's been building during the week, and what better way to do it than in the ocean where the warm afternoon waters are always so welcoming. 

Location: Baja Norte

Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Forgotten Soul

Forgotten soul she wanders the woods alone 
Desperately trying to find her way home
All that's left of her a soul torn between two worlds
Cold and tired nobody to take pity on this poor little girl
A calling voice off in the distance she hears 
Growing louder a ghostly figure appears
Calling her home she bursts into tears
Find her way to the heavenly world 
Reunited with her family no longer a lost little girl.

Location: Alirium

Back to the 50's

Todays blog is all about the past. I have a sort of obsession with past music, fashion...etc so I decided while waking up with my first cup of coffee (that's when the best ideas come to me) that I would try and do a themed blog.....and I thought well what kind of theme can I do and this advert for something grease related appeared on the tv the 50's brilliant.......perfect!! so I then went on the hunt for a suitable sim, and I needed clothes to go with the theme so I headed down to kal rau and picked up the casual shirt fatpack it comes with a HUD, and an unlimited number of combinations the textures look great on too. The jeans I'm wearing are liquid mesh blue jeans by Redgrave, and I have to say they fit like a glove. I am totally loving the whole liquid mesh thing.....next up I needed shoes and I figured converse would just about pass muster since I had seen them worn in several pictures from the 50's and 60's......I scouted the market place for a pair. I ended up with 20.FIVE dark converse they're probably the best I have seen so far in terms of texture, they also come with a HUD and a few color changed just in case you feel like the default black isn't really your thing....

The sim I found is called " The Silver King Grill it's a diner basically themed like the 50's which is perfect for today's blog. I had the pleasure of sitting in with the band while I was there, but as soon as I started singing they all ran screaming off the stage...................(was it something I said??) errrrrrrrrr........they also have numerous stores around the sim, and an arcade across the street which I thought was pretty neat. I didn't bother to use any special photography effects or depth of field. I just felt that it didn't require any major adjustments. The diner serves up some great food, and I had noticed there is a pizza permanently stuck to the counter top (wonder how long it's been there??) it wasn't green or anything so maybe if I got a crowbar and pried it off it still much be okay to eat. There is a guy inside the diner sitting next to the jukebox who looks like he came straight out of the 70's ummmmmm wrong era dude go back.....go back NOW!!!.....on the whole I had fun and if you wanna check it out I highly recommend it for themed parties, even weddings...........see you all real soon with another adventure!

What fell out of my wardrobe and landed on me:
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Shirt: <kal rau> Casual Shirt M3 P-01_Size 03
Pants: Blue Jeans LQM - ClassicCut - REDGRAVE
Hands: Slink Male Hands - Relaxed
Shoes: 20.FIVE Mesh: Converse Dark 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Toronto Madness

You're probably wondering why I chose to call this " Toronto Madness " so I better explain what just happened to me it was weird, and a little scary lol. I was sitting here looking for inspiration as to what to blog next.....and I thought for something different I would just pick a random sim to go to any sim will do, and explore it and write a blog about it. Well nothing could have prepared me for what lay ahead. I should have had some warning first......now let me just say for the record. I am not one of those people who goes wandering out into the middle of the street into an onslaught of cars......okay so anyways back to this Toronto sim business. I landed right in the middle of the freeway, and was greeted by two oncoming taxis, and a tram.....at least I think it was a tram....I couldn't really tell because I was sandwiched between it, and a taxi. I thought for a moment what the hell is going on here, and then it struck me. I was still wearing my " I Love NY " tag I figured maybe they thought I was deliberately wearing the tag to spite them..so....I quickly removed it but they didn't let me go....so I tried to fly up, and couldn't even do that...so as a last resort I decided to press the back arrow, and booya I was safe again....so I thought okay I really wanna go back and explore the sim it looked kinda cool, well it looked kinda cool before I was the front man in a head on collision lmao....so I thought for a minute and prepared myself, took a few deep breaths, and I was ready to tp back in....so I pressed the forward arrow, and I was instantly thrown back into oncoming traffic...

Thankfully my quick thinking saved me just before the moment of impact I leapt up through the air and up onto the traffic lights you see in the picture above, the freaky thing was as soon as I had leapt to safety the lights changed, and the cars and tram just sat there, as if they were waiting for me to come down. I think in future I should make sure I remove all tags and drive instead of walk.......

Location: Toronto

Black And White Photography

So here we are again with another blog, and this one is all about photography. I was reading through peoples blogs and noticed a black and white photography challenge posted recently by Ms Strawberry Singh (Whats A Meme?). Now although I am a photographer in real life. I am in no way accustomed to taking pictures in second life, I've only taken a handful.....but I decided since I love black and white photography so much I would accept the challenge so I headed on down to the Image Essentials photo studios they have some absolutely amazing poses and scenery perfect for just about any photographic situation...

The thing I found most interesting about taking pictures in second life was that some of the principles in the real world photography do apply to second life........such as focus, and depth of field. I have actually found it to be far easier to take pictures in second life than I do in real life (less fiddling with the damn camera lol) I've also I incorporated the use of a HUD called Anypose which has been blogged before so I won't say too much about it here, but the things it can do are absolutely amazing......

As you can see I had a little bit too much fun with it roflmao. I really think this is something I could do more in future blogs photography is definitely both a hobby, and a passion for me. I hope you enjoyed my rambling lol see you all back soon for another adventure!!

What fell out of my wardrobe and landed on me:
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Hair: Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Shirt: PURF - Men's Basic Tee ASSORTED S
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (London Fog Shadow, w3) 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tap.....Tap.....Tap...Okay Is This Thing On Now?

What is he smiling at?

So it's been a long hiatus, but I am pleased to say I am back it's a new beginning for me a brand new account, brand new inventory. I threw away the past and have now begun a new journey into this place we call " Second Life " so this simple little blog post will be the first of many to come. I have to admit though I am not experienced in blogging, in fact I have never blogged in my life..........somebody said to me once I am a bit of a motor mouth and I never shut up so I'd be perfect at writing blogs...so here I am at long last. I know the wait has been agonising for you......here's to a new beginning with more to come!!

What fell out of my wardrobe and landed on me:

Skin: Fruk Jeremy shade 3 Dark brown
Hair: Redgrave Tyler dark & hairbase 
Mesh Hands: Slink hands relaxed - M
Outfit: Redgrave beach outfit TOM - LQMesh - Light - M
Necklace: Leather cord barbwire  - cow - Redgrave 
Armlet: (L) Leather cord barbwire - cow - Redgrave 
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (London Fog Shadow, w3)

Location: Baja Norte