Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Stormy Seas Of 1805

Once upon a time on stormy seas a commander so brave came to be leader of men so gallant and true, but these are just fairy tales to me and you. Twas the year of 1805 when commander hornblower the bravest man alive commanding in the british royal navy it seems was alone in cabin quarters with a brand new plan, and albeit scheme. Taking on Napoleon's mighty fleet was no easy task just what would it take he would quietly ask...


Ready the cannons men here they come the mighty French, and with the beating of a drum. Upon the stormy seas with thunder and rain commander hornblower started to wonder if they'd ever see home again. Fire all canons both sides men, we must defeat the French fleet if we're to sail home again.....the crashing of the waves against the ship, the rumbling of the canon fire....victory was commander hornblowers one desire. A white flag is shown the French have lost, all ships are sunk such a great loss. A well deserved victory for hornblowers men a loud roar of cheering ensued as commander hornblower watched on he became greatly amused. A silence came over these brave battle weary men as they resumed their duties setting sail for home again. Commander hornblower returning to england was greatly received by the king and the queen as the greatest living hero there had ever been. and in so closing this short story which you may wonder whether it is made up or true, well that depends on your point of view. A commander with such gallantry may have existed long ago.....unless we could go back we'll never know, and in so doing would it really be accurate and true, because after all these are just fairy tales to me and you........

What I decided to wear:
Hair: *Coma* Varsity Hair - Brown 4 
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3 Dark brown
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3)
Costume: British Naval Commander Uniform - Avatar Bizarre

Location: Lover's Delight

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