Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Empty Land Of Munchkins!

We wish to welcome you to munchkin land, or not..............soooo anyways this is where we ended up after vacationing in Kansas during tornado season. Miss Phire, and myself were unwillingly whisked away to a place called " Munchkin Land " I told her we shouldn't stay with her cousin Dorothy. I swear that woman is cursed.......anyways on with the story...now where was I oh yes that's right we were picked up by a rather nasty F500 tornado and carried into a place called Munchkin Land! and unlike the movie when we got there the munchkins had already departed (Musta been on there lunch break or somethin) anyways we didn't see any camera's or studio lights so we figured this must have been the real deal the actual Munchkin Land....we soon found ourselves following a yellow brick road again just like in the film. I was clinging onto Miss Phire's dress I was petrified I admit it I was scared s*(^&(*less anyways. I think I peed myself a little, but luckily once we reached the emerald city my pants were dry....Miss Phire suggested we venture inside to take a look so in we went, and this what we found!......

Down the greenish greeny green looking hall we came to a room with a bunch of greeny greenish green chairs. So we decided to park our bums down and take a rest after walking the yellow brick road for several thousand miles...or so it seemed! while we were there. I found a guitar hidden between the wall, and one of the chairs so, I picked it up and began playing what I call my cover version of little bunny foo foo. I kept forgetting the chorus and pretty soon Miss Phire got bored and fell asleep.....

While Miss Phire was sleeping. I had a bit of a wander round looking to see if I could find the wizard, but alas I could not......(Guess he was on his lunch break too?) there was really only one room in the emerald city. What a rip off I thought only one city when clearly the 1939 movie showed several rooms contained there within the walls of said city. I scaled the top of the roof and strategically placed hidden cameras in all the cracks in the ceiling.....

As you can see after installing the last camera, and rigging up my home made dodgy security system. I was able to see a live video feed of us. I was hoping to use these cameras to figure out where the wizard was hiding.......see those two little people in the above picture that's us pretty neat huh? we got bored after a while waiting for someone to show up so we started heading back the way we came, and this time I didn't pee myself on the yellow brick road. I am pleased to say I kept it together pretty well, and we managed to catch a ride home on a slightly smaller tornado and made it back to Dorothy's home in one piece. I hope you all enjoyed my inane rambling stay tuned for more shenanigans later on in the week!     

Miss Phire was wearing: Clothes!

I was wearing: Clothes too!

Location: Munchkin Land   


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