Thursday, 6 March 2014

Into White

Into white playing through the night into the day as she listens on to what you have to say.
Serenade the girl with tunes of sorrow tunes of joy the piano will be your guide showing you the way to her heart, as she hears the soft sweet melody like a tide being pulled back daylight adorns your ebony black.
She is listening intently to the words you have to say your music speaks volumes with every note that you play. Pausing refreshed turn the page, it's time to start another day. A new song enters into the fray tugging on her fragile heart strings she stands curiously listening to what you have to say....

A single tear she weeps for you as your day of playing is through. As you turn to her holding her close tell her she's the one you need most. And with Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, and Grieg the soft sound of your voice speaking through the music that you play is all she will ever need. To comfort her on winter nights and hot summer days......through music she knows your heart speaks in so many different ways. Into white she listens on to what you have to say.....your heart speaks to her through your music in each, and every way.

Location: Momento Mori  

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