Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Roaring 20's

So I decided today it was time to test out my time machine. I had finally finished work on it, and I needed to pick a time and place to go. After much pondering and debate. I decided to go to 1920's Chicago, and I thought while I am there it would be the perfect opportunity to test out my recently acquired Polaroid camera so I could document my travel with photographs. I climbed into my time machine and before I knew it I was stepping outside in what was the windy city of the 1920's era. I noticed that when I got out of my time machine there was a strong smell of smog in the air, and the streets were practically bare. I might add that obviously since I was going to be travelling to this particular time and place I needed the proper attire so I had raided my grandfathers closet for some roaring 20's fashions. For my first photograph I decided to visit Wrigley field it was obviously deserted because it was the weekend, and Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were off on vacation in the Bahama's and would be back on Monday. I had a quick wander around the field and had a passerby take a quick snap of me which you can see above.............

After my visit to Wrigley field I decided to wander the streets of 1920's Chicago. It was probably not the wisest move on my part considering all that I've been reading up on 1920's Chicago including, racketeering, street fights & of course Al Pacino.......or was it Capone? anyways I met two gentlemen pictured above with me. They made me an offer that I couldn't refuse ( All the m&m's I could eat) they seemed really friendly, and that big guy to my left looked remarkably like John Goodman from the big lebowski....

Moving on farther down the next street I forget the name of the street but there stood against the edge of the pavement was a guy with a feather in his cap. He looked at me and I looked at him and I said whats with the feather, and he told me it's part of a long family tradition. My father stood here before me and my grandfather stood in the spot before him my son will stand here after I am gone. I asked him so sir what exactly do you do here? and he said I just stand here and ummmmmmmmmmm............

Yeah.......ugh so the guy in the hat with the feather was STRANGE!!!! moving on.....I started to get hungry and looking for a place to eat in 1920's Chicago was a doddle easy as pie. I stumbled upon a place called Chicago's corner market so I decided to go inside and take a look. I was greeted by this little blond woman who asked me if I would like a chocolate pop tart. I said no I'm on Jenny Craig, and she was very sympathetic. I asked her for a happy meal, and after staring at me for what seemed like an eternity I settled for a cream cheese bagel and quietly walked out the door.........

I had pretty much visited most of the greater city of Chicago, and the one person I hadn't met yet was the mayor of Chicago from the 1920's Robert Deniro or Robert Redford I'm not really sure. I took a taxi from the train station over to city hall and sadly I found out that the mayor wasn't in he was at an event for who could consume the most Doritos without getting sick..........................

So after my long travel around the streets of 1920's Chicago what have I learnt. Well I have learnt that you can't just walk into a small corner market and buy a happy meal, and you can't trust a guy with a feather in his cap. I must admit I had a great time and I am sad that it's time to jump into my time machine and travel back to my own time but I will definitely never forget the time I spent here. I leave you now with a jolly good read, and if you ever decide to escape daily life in a time machine remember. If you decide to visit Chicago make sure you take with you a good supply of happy meals, and you always remember to avoid people with bowler hats on containing feathers.

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