Friday, 18 April 2014

Blogging About Blogging

I've often found that writing a blog from scratch can be a daunting task. I sat alone for nearly an hour trying to think of something to write, and nothing came to mind I finally decided to write about blogging.......

A blog doesn't necessarily have to be factual, it can be anything you wish it to be. In my past blogs I have covered a range of topics mostly poetry. I haven't seen too many blogs like those, so for me I felt like I was filling a niche...most of the blogs I follow have to do with fashion and everything surrounding second life and they are fantastic and well thought very diverse. If you are just starting out blogging for the first time, and you're not sure what to write about don't be afraid to just jump in and write about the most ridiculous thing you can think of. Because what may be ridiculous to you might make perfect sense to your potential followers.............................

What I Am Wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* ARATA - Chocolate
Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyewear - SCT
Skin: -Labyrinth- Leaf Skin (Pale) - TheHalfJaw
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Ring: EarthStones Everlasting Love Mens Wedding Band - Platinum
Shirt: FATEwear Shirt - Neville Shirt - (Relaxed)(M)
Tie: FATEwear Shirt - Neville Tie - (Relaxed)(M)
Vest: FATEwear Shirt - Neville Vest - (M)
Pants: FATEwear Jeans - Straight Billy - (High)(M)
Shoes: ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Brogues] 

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