Thursday, 5 June 2014

Where's W̶a̶l̶d̶o̶  Mikka

Many of you might be familiar with the ever popular series of childrens books called where's Waldo, or if you're not from America he's known as Wally. I remember getting my first where's Wally/Waldo books when I was about 8 or 9. I was fascinated by the whole concept of a man who dressed funny, and traveled around the world wearing the same articles of clothing no matter where he ended up....

I decided to relive my childhood days by creating a little puzzle for you all to solve. My first location today is London I put on the classic Wally/Waldo red, and white sweater and headed out into the unknown. For this particular blog I couldn't find a large group of people as used in the books where you have to strain your eye's until a migraine sets in, so I improvised I angled the camera high enough to where you could barely see me. I would like to just point out just for the record that the only place that had a large group of people I could find was at an exclusive nude beach here in SL, and frankly I don't think poor mister Wally/Waldo would want to be seen in such a place........he's far too decent for that. I mean imagine what the papers would say if word got out that Waldo/Wally had a fetish for nude beaches....tsk tsk, anyways see if you can spot me in the above picture!

My next location to travel to wearing the classic red, and white sweater was Paris. I found a few people residing here some of them real, and some were just mesh statues or were they prim??? oh who knows really. I quickly scampered to try to and conceal myself and aimed the camera up, and SNAP! another picture taken and another Wally/Waldo for you all to try and find. All this traveling was exhausting after my picture taking field trip across the globe. I decided it was time to head home, and blog my adventure playing the classic childrens book character Wally/Waldo............... 

Skin: CHRIS - Pale / 02 beardshadow - REDGRAVE
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3)
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) M - Relaxed
Ring: EarthStones Everlasting Love Mens Wedding Band - Platinum
Outfit: Where's Waldo Complete Outfit - Saddle Ridge

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  1. You were much easier to find in London than Paris ,but I found you. You make an excellent Waldo.